Bright Blue 

follow my
curve of my

thin gold silver
bounces off

glitter sheen
curve of your

swimming over
waves in your

flesh on flesh
feel of
your shoulders
against mine

cut into me
like the sun
through the

at dawn
you are cool
as morning

hands float
down my

lips on my
color of

bright bright blue

leave me
at sunrise
but never

bright blue

Jacob and the Dogs (100 word snippet)

“Fuck the system” is what I read on the stall door as I close it behind me. I’m squatting over the toilet, staring at the oddly masculine handwriting, wondering if this bathroom was once co-ed. Or maybe this chick just wrote like a guy. I flush and head toward the mirror to examine my face. I re-apply my deep red lipstick and smack my lips together.

Goosebumps run up and down my spine as my heels click out of the bar and into the street. A March night and there’s still a chill in the air. Every man who passes by me on the street stares at me like a savage. Like a dog. Salivating. Ready to eat me.

I quicken my pace and my peacoat swings back and forth at my knees. I examine the lights from the stores in the village. Porn. Porn. Naked girls. A smoke shop. Chinese food. More porn. Neon pinks and blues. Flickering and fading with the wind. Open for business.

I turn the corner swiftly and make my way up the stairs of our apartment. When I open the door, Jacob is sitting on the couch smoking a cigarette.

“Hey, sexy.” is what my best friend’s boyfriend says to me when she’s not in the room.

“Fuck the system” reads his shirt in white letters. I laugh.